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CD "What the fu** is wrong with you people?"

Artikel-Nr.: 00815200
label: Out of Line

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On their third outing, Combichrist do not fear to hit it where it hurts and delightfully put their fingers into the festering wounds of a society that knows no place for subtleties. Thus, each thumping beat and thudding bass note of this lively Techno Body Music becomes a healing kick in the eye of an indifferent mass that is drowning in its own decadence. They effectively steal from the media’s subtexts and use their impact as a weapon: Combichrist is conceived to be both fun and a wee bit painful. We are the new Babylon, welcome to disco armageddon!

"01. 5am [afterparty], 02. WTF is wrong with You People?, 03. Electrohead, 04. Adult Content, 05. Fu** that S*it, 06. Brain Bypass, 07. Get your Body Beat, 08. Deathbed, 09. In the Pit, 10. Shut up and swallow, 11. Red, 12. Are you connected?, 13. Give head if you got it, 14. All your Bass belongs to us"

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