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DCD "Today we are all Demons"

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label: Out of Line

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In fall this year, Andy has put the finishing touches on his latest opus, ‘Today we are all Demons’, the eagerly awaited fourth album as COMBICHRIST. An album immersed in not only the trademark fire and burn of Combichrist of yore but adding a newfound sense of urgency and dynamics. ‘TWAAD’ sees Combichrist meshing old sounds with new, creating a whole new direction for the band. From the propulsive and expansive “All Pain is Gone” to the sultry stomp of “Can’t change the beat” to the jackhammer-pound of “Get out of My head”, the album rips through beats, bass and rhythm, creating an aggro genre that crisscrosses rock, metal, industrial, and underground dance.

CD1: 01. No Afterparty, 02. All Pain Is Gone, 03. Kickstart The Fight, 04. I Want Your Blood, 05. Can't Change The Beat, 06. Sent To Destroy, 07. Spit, 08. New Form Of Silence, 09. Scarred, 10. The Kill V2, 11. Get Out Of My Head, 12. Today We Are All Demons, 13. At The End Of It All, CD2: 01. Tranquilized, 02. Avenge, 03. Carnival Of Terror, 04. Till Death Do Us Party, 05. Machine Love, 06. 427 FE, 07. Caliber:Death, 08. Gore Baby, Gore

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