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CD "11:11"

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label: COP International

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Chiasm is a female industrial-influenced electronic solo project from Detroit, MI, created by Emileigh Rohn in 1997. "11:11", her long-awaited fourth solo album, is about to be released on COP International, and was self-produced and recorded in her personal studio, the MausHaus. It includes eleven songs continuing her experimental musical journey through science, emotion, and the mind. Previous albums include "Disorder"(2001), "Relapse" (2005), and "Reform" (2008) along with EPs "Prefrontal" (2006), "Apple Island" (2009), and the 2012 EP, "Obligatory". Fans of Chiasm may have discovered her through the inclusion of her song, "Isolated", on the "Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines" PC game or in the Navy: NCIS episode, "Marine Down". Chiasm has performed alone and with many well-known industrial acts in the mid-west United States and Canada. Aside from her individual work, she often collaborates with current artists in the genre contributing vocals, lyrics, and remixes available on their albums and additional compilations.

01. Petals, 02. Angry Tree, 03. I Want Some More, 04. The Sea, 05. Hideaway, 06. So Lost, 07. Draw A House, 08. Answer In My Mind, 09. Reliance, 10. Obligatory, 11. Space

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