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CD "Revolutions vol 1: dirt"

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After their highly acclaimed first album "Vengeance", this politically charged band is coming back with a second studio album "Revolutions Vol. 1: Dirt" And revolution is indeed on the menu. Jay Sin screams, whispers and harmonizes his message of rage and despair: "we kill for profit, destroy our planet for personal convenience and it is about time to stop this!" While he is the relentless force behind this frontal attack on the current US Government, he is supported by his follow cohorts who provide the sonic texture to support his vocal mayhem. Dense keyboard layers mixed with heavy beats and pumping bass lines coagulate into a powerful groove that will make your body move while your mind tries to absorb the intensity of Mr. Sin`s message. Crush, Kill, Destroy!

01. Constitutionalize, 02. Landmines, 03. Murder, 04. No More Man, 05. Kill Your Crush, 06. System Collapse, 07. Godmakers, 08. Laser Beams, 09. Sanity Clothes, 10. God 3.0

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