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Carfax Abbey

CD "It Screams Disease"

Artikel-Nr.: 00725070
label: Dancing Ferret / A / Alive!

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Carfax Abbey has the distinction of being the first and only Philadelphia band to be,signed to Philly-based Dancing Ferret Discs. The band`s blend of driving industrial programming and rock had received,favorable comparisons to Nine Inch Nails and Stabbing Westward, but it was Carfax Abbey`s raw, cathartic live shows,that ultimately won them a record deal! Their lyrics and music are heavily influenced by horror: not only horror cinema,,but also the real horror of modern life and its all-too-common moments of betrayal, despair, addiction and heartbreak.,It Screams Disease is the band`s first commercially distributed album, following several successful self-releases which,are now highly sought collector`s items. Carfax Abbey has established a strong fan base with numerous live,appearances as well as tracks on a number of compilations. It Screams Disease consists of entirely new songs as well,as an updated version of the band`s cover of Cry Little Sister, the iconic track from the classic horror film The Lost Bo

01. Collide, 02. Purified, 03. It screams disease, 04. Right as reign, 05. Cry little sister, 06. Evisceration, 07. Angra,Mainyu, 08. Thirty Silver Coins, 09. Serenity, 10. Gravity falls, 11. In stitches, 12. Stay, 13. Angels Hesitate

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