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Candle Nine

CD "The Muse in the Machine"

Artikel-Nr.: 00719000
label: Tympanik

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tympanik audio's first release for 2010 by chicago's new talent candle nine. after a stand-out remix on last year's ad.ver.sary cd 'a bright cut across velvet sky' and an appearance on tympanik audio's 'emerging organisms 3' compilation, candle nine now delivers nine stunning new tracks of welcoming urgency and undeniable warmth, marked by ravenous, addictive beatwork and soul-embracing atmospheres. brutality meets beauty with expert precision to arrive with such perfect cohesiveness, your mind is sure to contradict your body. at once a swirling torrent of luscious synths, steady glitch-soaked beats, provocative vocal samples, and powerful piano movements, 'the muse in the machine' easily cultivates both cerebral wonder and lip-biting ecstasy. featuring bonus remixes by access to arasaka and autoclav1.1.

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