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Camerata Mediolanense

3CD-Artbook Vertute, Honor, Bellezza [limited]

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label: Auerbach

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3CD hardcover artbook edition (size ca. 28x28 cm) incl. 84 pages of additional graphics, the lyrics and their translations as well as extensive information regarding the historical and artistic background of the album and the band; limited to 500 copies, 250 copies sold seperately and 250 copies sold with the box "Gesammelte Werke". Ever since its foundation in 1994, Italian collective Camerata Mediolanense merges Wave and Post Punk with the musical spirit of the Renaissance and Baroque periods, not shying away from experimentation. After five years in the making, Camerata Mediolanense's fourth album "Vertute, Honor, Bellezza" (English: "Virtue, Honour, Beauty") is finished now. With the new album the band continues to proceed on its path, mixing archaic, traditional and tribalistic music with experimental and electronic sounds. The album is the centrep iece of Camerata Mediolanense's "Petrarca project," which is conceptually based on the poetry of 14th century scholar, poet, and humanist Francesco Petrarca, one of the fathers of Italian language and literature. The project was initiated by the CD single "99 Altri Perfecti" (2011) and is closed by the CD single "Vergine Bella," which are both included in the art-book edition of "Vertute, Honor, Bellezza."

Tracks Album: 01. Voi Ch'Ascoltate, 02. Dolci Ire, 03. Canzone all 'Italia, 04. 99 Altri Perfecti, 05. Fragmentvm XXXV, 06. Solo et Pensoso, 07. Tremo et Taccio, 08. Vago Augelletto, 09. Vergine Bella, 10. Lo gran Desire, 11. O mia Stella, 12. Quest'Anima gentil / Tracks ’99 Altri Perfecti’: 01. Fragmentum Primum, 02. 99 Altri Perfecti (Version), 03. Vago Augeletto (Version) / Tracks ’Vergine Bella’: 01. Canzone alla Vergine, 02. O mia Stella (Versione), 03. Il Di s’appressa

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