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CD "Epitaph"

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label: Tesco

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Penetrating sound confession from respected german master Co.Caspar, Berlin-based activist of an experimental sound ,built with propulsions, sound vibrations from corporal movements,consisting of four tracks, each for 20 minutes. First of which "Benediction" and Replica are composed for a paintress from Quebeck/Canada, based on two field recordings (river & wood) in the canadian nature, used as the soundtrack during the vernissage of her paintings. 'Benediction' origines from the anthology Les Fleurs du Mal by Ch. Baudelaire spoken by the artist. purest drop of human prejudaces,fears,drawbacks essence heavy, humid and clouding impicated by the fistfull of various cuts of everyday life hypnotic song of far away syrene vibrant,graceful,controversive, whispering and shivering really complex work from janapese master of sound in which hands sound flow present a transparent porcelain its world that is living by his own life,quiet similar to our but more vibrant,its a life about what most of us can only dream - it

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