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DCD "The Very Best Of"

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Blancmange, the duo of Neil Arthur and Stephen Luscombe, once started their career as support act of Depeche Mode in 1982, and later scored seven Top 40 singles and two Top 40 albums between 1982 and 1985 with a distinctive blend of vocals, electronics and Eastern-flavoured instrumentation. This bumper collection, which follows their recent sell-out UK tour, has been designed and compiled in consultation with the synthpop heroes. It includes all their UK hits, plus some rare John Peel sessions and an airing of a track from a forthcoming project. A MUST HAVE for all Blancmange collectors as it contains a few never before available rarities, incl. an early version of "Living on the Ceiling".

CD1: 01. Living on the Ceiling, 02. Don't tell Me, 03. I can't explain, 04. Feel Me, 05. Blind Vision, 06. Waves, 07. The Day before you came, 08. I've seen the Word, 09. God's Kitchen, 10. That's Love, that it is, 11. Wasted, 12. Lose your Love (Album Version), 13. What's your Problem, 14. Kind, 15. All Things are nice, 16. Murder, 17. Running Thin (Peel Session), 18. I would (Peel Session), 19. Making Aeroplanes (New Track), CD2: 01. Blind Vision (12  Mix), 02. Don't tell Me (12  Mix), 03. Feel Me (12  John Luongo Mix), 04. Game above My Head (12  Mix), 05. That's Love, that it is (Remix Extended Version), 06. Vishnu (short version), 07. God's Kitchen (12  Mix), 08. Sad Day (Original Version), 09. Waves (Original Album Version), 10. Why don't they leave Things alone?, 11. Lorraine's My Nurse, 12. See the Train, 13. Don't you love it All, 14. Living on the Ceiling (Early Version pre-Sitar and Tablas), 15. Hello Darling

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