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MCD "Kreislauf"

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"BHAMBHAMHARA are Jan Bicker and Axel Ermes. While Jan was working on pure electronic projects for years (for instance ABSCESS), Axel was playing the bass in several post punk and gothic bands (GIRLS UNDER GLASS, CANCER BARRACK). He also wrote songs and played live keys for synthpop band WOLFSHEIM. But when he started working as soundengineer for bands like S.I.T.D., COMBICHRIST, REAPER, PROJECT PITCHFORK and many more he discovered again another side of his musical soul: Axel wanted to produce more danceable electro industrial stuff... They founded their own style: “progressive body music” which will also be the name of their debut album. First release now is „Kreislauf“, which deals with the phenomenon of swarm raids of army ants, one of the best example of decentralized control. Every single ant is almost blind but with the help of pheromones they follow each other to the very end which by accident can happen when two “streets” of ants cross and the insects start running in loops till they die. Not a big difference to the human race, hey?"

01. Kreislauf (Original Mix), 02. Kreislauf (Straftanz RMX), 03. Positiv (RMX), 04. Kreislauf (Extended Version)

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