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Babel 17

CD "Celeano Fragments"

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label: Infrastition

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Babel 17 started their musical adventures in the band-members college years in 1983, but their first was released in 1990 only through legendary label "Lively Art" "Celeano Fragments is a real cult album of French New/Cold Wave scene: At first it`s fascinating by its variety and its messy look-like. Starting with "Watch", a fine mix of touching-pop and EBM, "Celeano Fragments moves into excellent tracks of icy cold-wave, characterized by the double lead-singing, inspired by batcave style of Sex Gang Children and similar acts of those days. The album`s undisputed hit is "Angels of T.V", a song turning - after a short instrumental introduction - into a sinister masterpiece of cold-wave of extreme coldness. All tracks have entirely been remastered and with six previously unavailable bonus tracks, this album offers a in-depth view on the great talent of this legendary act!

01. Watch, 02. Angels of TV, 03. Darkest years, 04. Come into hell & murder hate, 05. A journeyiInside, 06. New Age, 07. All Saint's day, 08. Sordid waste, 09. Le Mondextrieur - R'lyeh Suite:, 10. Wizards & Ghosts, 11. Broceliande, 12. Da-Ye, 13. Mehaddah, 14. Querhell, 15. Millenium, Bonus: 16. Darkest Years (Live 90), 17. All Saint's Day (Live 90), 18. Watch (Live 90), 19. Sordid waste (Live 90), 20. Angels of TV (Live 90), 21. Come into hell & murder hate (alternative mix 2006)

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