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B! Machine

CD "The Falling Star"

Artikel-Nr.: 00500040
label: A Different Drum

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B! Machine presents another fine collection of new songs that overflow with melancholy emotion, investigating love from it's highs to it's lows. Always lyrically poetic as well as musically hypnotic with the band's minimal electronic textures, B! Machine has become a favorite among fans of synthpop and darkwave. Explore The Falling Star and you're sure to find a new addiction.

01. My Beautiful Friend, 02. Mystery 03 Hear Me, 04. RedRed, 05. Illumination, 06. Cloud Burst, 07. A Place Called Home, 08. Walkaway, 09. Eden, 10. Believer, 11. Consequence, 12. Muse (Remix), 13. Lost (Hurry Up and Wait Mix), 14. RedRed (Darker)

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