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CD "Blackout Scenario"

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Mika Rossi, Anders Olsson and Jesper Nilsson are the three men behind the EBM/Electro band Autodafeh from the South of Sweden. All of their previous albums have found a remarkable success in the EBM scene and they are now back with a brand new 14 track studio album. Since Autodafeh started in late 2007 they have released three studio albums and one 7-tracks EP. The band has done a lot of remixes and also some other cool projects and producing other bands. The band have also had the opportunity to play live together with artists like Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, DAF, Die Krupps, and many many more. Autodafeh focus on creating electronic tunes with a powerful beat, massive baselines and a great sing-a-long melody. Mika is the lead vocalist of the band and is also very muc h involved in the production and the creation of the Autodafeh sound. Jesper has a solid background within the EBM scene and live he plays the drums and the percussion elements in the songs, Jesper writes most of the lyrics for the songs. Anders plays keyboards and sings backing vocals on stage and in the studio and have occasionally taken the lead vocals on some tracks, Anders and Jesper are also involved in creating the great sound of Autodafeh. Electronic music for body and mind!

01. Exercise Your Brain, 02. Getaway, 03. Emerging Sadness, 04. Claustrophobia, 05. Anatomic Cocktail, 06. Flow, 07. The Pain That We Feel, 08. Step Up, 09. Bloody Mary, 10. Lessons To Learn, 11. The Shadow, 12. Walk The Lie, 13. Beyond Left And Right, 14. Violence

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