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LP+CD "Ana Liil [limited]"

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label: Tesco

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Released on CD and in a limited edition Vinyl+CD. CD in stylish spot varnished six-panel cardboard pack including 12-pages booklet and separate CDsleeve. LP+CD version in altered design with copper foil blocking/printed inner sleeve. Don't miss! "Ana Liil" doesn't want to be your friend - she lives in an entirely separate world. Maybe at night you see her shape behind a grimy window in the neighbourhood, or you hear her singing from afar. But you will never get closer to her. "I don't know who she is," Apoptose says. "One day she just emerged. Like a thought that sounds logic in your dreams but completely strange in daylight." Apoptose's "ana liil" plays with your expectations. This album spins within close range of those dark ambient realms that Apoptose became known for since the early 2000s. Songs like "Meer der Ruhe" or "Schnee" still bear this signature. But at the same time they show a new quality of song writing. Both feature the frail singing of a girl who keeps the dusty shadows at bay - enthralling and unknown. On "Forget Your Face", "Adrenalin" or "Ich verbrenne" Apoptose replaces the reverb charged tracks by songs full of voices and haunting melodies.

01. Meer der Ruhe, 02. Ich verbrenne, 03. Ana Liil, 04. Fernsehen, 05. Adrenalin, 06. I Say Seven, 07. Hiding, 08. Forget Your Face, 09. Schnee

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