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CD "Surge"

Artikel-Nr.: 00424820
label: Tympanik

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Amazing new collection of work from Chicago’s very own technoid industrial wizard Aphorism. Lingering in the shadows of the global industrial scene for many years, this first album on tympanik is displaying a vast array of music styles, all deeply-rooted in the technoid industrial and dark electronica realms, Aphorism offers his very best works in a beautifully-dynamic and thought-provoking album. ‘Surge‘ is a moody and dirty trip into what innovative dark electronica is meant to be. Exhibiting a multitude of complexity and an uncanny knack for rhythm, Aphorism manages to lay down track after track of beat-driven melancholy, marked by an acute sense of memorable melodies that will linger long after each track fades. ‘Surge‘ marks a new chapter in the development of the modern electronic sound and will undoubtedly capture it’s listeners in a virtual hybrid engine of inspiration, ingenuity, and grace. 15 innovative songs, each with their own personalities yet still plotting an accessible map of cohesiveness, ‘S

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