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DCD "Egotrap (limited)"

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label: Dark Dimensions

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Leipzig based electronic band Amnistia was founded in 2003 by Stefan Schœtz and Tino Claus. In 2010 during the production of the 3rd album "egotrap" former live member Jan Moritz joined Amnistia as a full member. The name Amnistia is both the program and a philosophy. In many languages it means amnesty. Amnistia releases their band-members from inactivity, provides freedom for creativity, it is an outlet, and their work is a verdict that their minds have transformed into sound. The production of the long awaited third album “egotrap” took nearly 3 years. During this time the Amnistians had formative experiences that found their way onto the new tracks. For example “day of birth” is an hommage to Stefan Schötz’s first born child. Although it was constructed as an instrumental track, Boris May from Klangstabil added lyrics and vocals after intensive brainstorming with the band. And this is not the only cooperation that can be found on the new album.

Tracks CD1: 01. init4, 02. sermon, 03. egotrap, 04. research, 05. faceless, 06. day of birth (2008/2:13) (feat. Klangstabil), 07. elements, 08. gazing eyes, 09. kraft, 10. film, 11. absolute nothingness (feat. [:SITD:]), 12. fading (like a cloud in a storm), 13. gamble with a lie, CD2 ‘Remix-CD’: 01. elements (Rotersand rework), 02. sermon (PNE remix), 03. egotrap (Empty remix), 04. research (amGod remixxx), 05. sermon (abuse remix by Accessory), 06. red coloured emotions (Amnistia modification), 07. research (FAS vs. DSTR remix), 08. sermon (Dupont remix), 09. elements (retrospective by Depressive Disorder), 10. research (blind constrained remix by Venetian Blind), 11. egotrap (dark moon rmx by To Avoid), 12. elements (Myer / Samardzic / Ullmann remix)

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