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Agent Side Grinder

DCD "Hardware [SFTWR included!] - Canada Version"

Artikel-Nr.: 00337825
label: Artoffact Records

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Sweden's rocking electro behemoth Agent Side Grinder burst onto the scene in 2008 with their eponymous debut album and since then have not looked back. The music is an uncompromising, never-before-heard blend of industrial, post-punk, old style EBM and electro topped with the apocalyptic crooning of singer Kristoffer Grip. British music fanzine 20JazzFunkGreats called them a "sensation of uncomfortable pleasure" and genre forefathers Suicide invited them as a support act. In recent years, Agent Side Grinder has moved towards a bigger and more textured sound. Their latest record Hardware sees the band once again stepping into their musical time-machine, while having a rendezvous with old masters such as Kraftwerk, Einsturzende Neubauten and Depeche Mode. The result is a reckless, rhythmic journey into a bleak future with zero compromise. This special Canadian edition of the "Hardware" album, comes with the EXCLUSIVE bonus-CD "SFTWR", featuring remixes by Swedish electro/krautrock band /MF/MB, pop-punk-shoegazers Blackstrap, ambient-drone guru Jasper TX, EBM stalwarts Container 90 and a dozen others.

"Hardwire": 01. Look Within, 02. Sleeping Fury, 03. Rip Me, 04. Wolf Hour, 05. Mag 7, 06. Pyre, 07. Bring It Back, 08. Stranger Stranger, "SFTWR": 01. Wolf Hour (Red Idiot RMX), 02. Bring It Back (/MF/MB RMX), 03. Life In Advance (Jacques C RMX), 04. Die To Live (Container 90 RMX), 05. Voice Of Your Noise (FOLD RMX), 06. String Strikes (CVRD by Styx Tyger), 07. Stranger Stranger (dodens lammungar), 08. Sleeping Fury (Mighty Thor RMX), 09. Look Within (Du Pacque RMX), 10. 010-195 (Th. Tot MX), 11. Black Vein (Rude 66 RMX), 12. Rip Me (Sunbringer RMX), 13. Die To Live (Blackstrap RMX), 14. Life In Advance (CCIS Dub MX), 15. Mag 7 (Jasper TX RMX)

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