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Aesthetic Perfection

CD "A Nice Place To Destroy"

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Aesthetic Perfection return with a brand new, limited 10-tracks ep! On “A nice Place to Destroy”, Aesthetic Perfection set out to prove as to why the are currently considered the hottest thing in the harder Electro scene. Stage berserker Daniel Graves stirs up a versatile soup of remixes and new interpretations of two of the group’s most popular songs and showcases that he is not only the most psychotic shouter that the club scene has ever heard but that he will also give any Electro-Pop singer a run for their money in terms of sheer vocal prowess. Punchy club burners that discharge like well-shaken cans of beer, apocalyptic ballads and a melodic surprise that many will recognize: Aesthetic Perfection can do anything… except being bland or boring. The strictly limited EP features an epic 10 tracks and clocks in at album length. A must have!

01. A nice Place to visit [Album Version], 02. A nice Place to visit [Formalin Remix], 03. A nice Place to visit [Double Plus Ten Remix], 04. A nice Place to visit [Of These Hope Remix], 05. All Beauty destroyed [Album Version], 06. All Beauty destroyed [Daniel Myer Remix], 07. All Beauty destroyed [Comaduster Remix], 08. All Beauty destroyed [EMP 80834 Remix], 09. All Beauty destroyed [Sensuous Enemy Remix], 10. She drives Me crazy

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