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DCD "Astrogator"

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Digipack limited and numbered to 500 Copies! Two years after their latest release, the electronic collective now returns with their third album "Astrogator". 13 songs between EBM-stompers and electro/industrial storms. Sometimes violent, raw and brute, then again Infused by ambient passages, but always danceable and varied as hell! Undistorted vocals, female shoutings and male chants - sometimes as duet in a sort of 'eternal fight between man and woman'. The new album by Old School-EBM/Electrofunk outfit from Berlin offers food for all hard electro fans! But that's not all! To increase the club compatility of the "Astrogator" album, Ad:Key invited a number of well known representatives of the EBM/Hard electro-scene and asked them to re-model/re-mix selected songs from the album. The result is a 13-tracks remix bonus-CD with remixes by: Orange Sector, LeaetherStrip, Armageddon Dildos, Robotiko Rejekto, Digital Factor, Plastic Noise Experience.

CD1 "Astrogator": 01. evolution, 02. astrogator, 03. tanz, püppchen tanz, 04. tell me nothing, 05. zeit verrinnt, 06. aufrecht, 07. cor serpentis, 08. so fest so rund so schön, 09. reset, 10. alle gegen einen, 11. schöpfungsmaschine, 12. aufrecht (erheb dich!), 13. explorer, CD2 "Puppetdancer": 01. tell me nothing *remix by RESTRICTED AREA, 02. tanz, püppchen tanz *remix by ORANGE SECTOR, 03. tanz, püppchen tanz *remix by SCHRAMM, 04. tanz, püppchen tanz *remix by LEAETHER STRIP, 05. tanz, püppchen tanz *remix by ROBOTIKO REJEKTO, 06. tell me nothing *remix by DOMINATRIX, 07. astrogator *remix by PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE, 08. reset *remix by ANGSTFABRIKK, 09. reset *remix by DIGITAL FACTOR, 10. zeit(los) *remix by ARMAGEDDON DILDOS, 11. tanz, püppchen tanz *HECKMECK edit, 12. evolution *remix by TORSTEN CYRUS, 13. reset *remix by BODYSTYLER

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