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6 Comm/Freya Aswynn

CD "The Fruits of Yggdrasil"

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The music and lyrics on 'Fruits' are a means of initiation into the Northern mysteries. Patrick's powerful thunderous and sensitive backing music to Freya's spoken and chanted poetry and runecalls capture absolutely the elemental magick and energies of the Gods and Goddesses of the Northern mysteries and the shamanic energy of the Runes. The music ranges from conveying the maelstrom of a curse (Nithing) to the delicate melodic harp tracery of a hymn of praise to Wodan. Leading off with Havamal, Freya's intonation of the eddic poem ' the hymn of the high words' the eighteen runecalls vibrated powerfully into the aether, patrick music giving the words of magick and invocation a spirit of authentic and eldrich power. Whether martial cacophony of percussion, or delightfully melodic ( as on 'North Star') the whole of the 'Fruits' has the hallmark of a genuine grimoire. Comes in very nice digipak with silver foilblocked artwork like on the original LP cover.

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