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6 Comm

LP "Ontogeny II [limited]"

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label: Old Europa Café

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Strictly limited edition of 300 copies!!! Patrick Leagas has been making music since 1978. He was one of the three founder members of "Death in June", one half of the duo "Mother Destruction" during the 1990's and has also been producing music sporadically under the name Six comm since 1986. "Ontogeny" is a series of releases to re-present his best known compositions totally re-recorded for a new generation and an audience who are not familiar with his work. Patrick / 6comm will be performing several shows in 2014 where he will be playing the best known and most populare of his old work in a live situation, as many of his compositions such as the 20 songs on the double album 'Headless- Let the moon speak', his last work, do not lend themselves easily to the format of live work. By the end of 2014 6comm will move forward to new compositions different in sound and nature to much of the material presented here on "Ontogeny II". Patrick though known mainly as one of the founders of the Dark wave - Neo folk scene has never adhered to any genres at all and has composed a wider variety of music than perhaps anyone else within those genres.

A1 - Angels Scream, A2 - Red Cloak II, A3 - Othila (potbmix), B1 - Doubt To Death 14-18, B2 - Born Again (Skullmix), B3 - Salerno Carousel (3rd Batt GG)

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