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CD "Flight Recorder 5.0"

Artikel-Nr.: 00293000
label: Hands

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This new and 5th album of 5F-X continues where they left off with 'The Xenomorphians your Friendly Invasion', powerful club-oriented electro sci-fi tribal industrial at its best. Flight Recorder 5.0 offers 8 new tracks and 2 remixes of tracks you probably come in contact with in the clubs. Typical powerful beats meet electronica sounds, lo-fi sci-fi sounds and radio messages. Some of these messages are difficult to understand, but we were able to record things such as files of the pulsating audionautic sequence controller - 'a.s.c.- epsylon' become an announcement of impending groove-quakes during the flight recordings. Giant wobbles stalking the com traffic, assimilating everything in its atmospheres. With a 5F-X crewmember working the controls, the satellite FX-5 in flight traffic-scanning mode reached down to update the xenomorphian invasion coordinates. Powerful, melting rhythmic styles catch the pilots and hypnotize their feet.

1.Audioautical-file.001, 2.Audioautical-file.002, 3.Audioautical-file.003, 4.Audioautical-file.004 _Sountox Remix, 5.Audioautical-file.005, 6.audioautical-file.006, 7.E.d.d.y.-scope.007 _Flight Recorder Remix, 8.Audioautical-file.008, 9.Audioautical-file.009, 10.Audioautical-file.010

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