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32 Crash

EP-CD "Humanity"

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label: Alfa Matrix

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FRONT 242's vocalist Jean-Luc De Meyer joined the alien technology experts of IMPLANT (Len Lemeire) and VIVE LA FETE ex-drummer (Jan D'Hooghe) for a travel in time to the year 2107 in order to assault and destroy the malevolent Universal Order enslaving mankind and plundering the planet's resources. 32CRASH is the new (de)generation of a music branch once thought virtually extinct, now bound to cause massive chaos to the Universal Order through electronic holograms and self-replicating viruses, and to prevent it from sinking the world further into the endless darkness. A straight and challenging retro/futuristic EPCD with bonus remixes by FRONT 242, S. Komor (ICON OF COIL, etc.) and DIGITAL COALITION. Extensive mass manipulation has been initiated at a level from which there is no possible return. Will the nightmare be about to stop or to get worse?

01. Humanity, 02. Merlin's Gun, 03. Lone Ranger, 04. Isomodia, 05. Merlin's Gun PATRICK CODENYS mix, 06. Lone Ranger SEBASTIAN R KOMOR mix, 07. Humanity DANY RODRIGUEZ mix, 08. Isomodia side effect mix, 09. Fibers, Carbon and Germs, 10. Ior El

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