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100 Blumen

CD "Surveillance"

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label: Ant-Zen

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Since the beginning 100Blumen have constituted a firm combination of powerful electro-nics and political acuteness. Started as a one man project by Marcel van Blumen, the project amplified to a duo after Chris van Blumen's guitar supported Marcel during live performances - now Chris is a permanent band member and together they're stronger than ever. On the 4th album their versatility is audible on each track, way beyond any 'indus-trial' or 'electropunk' clichés. Supported by L.Delogne (Le Moderniste) & the project 16Pad Noise Terrorist, 100Blumen have created a deep expression of 'Feelings while living in a Surveillance Society'. This album contains a multilateral spectrum of vibes ranging from melancholic violence to belligerence. A multitude of rhythmic variations - broken and straight - appended with stirring basses lay the groundwork for subtle melodic excursions, synthesized fury and razor-sharp six-string attacks, all kept together with epic artificial string entries. Stylistic boundaries are non-existent: ambient, technoid industrial, punk and breakbeat add up to an explosive bouquet - play loud!

01. la fin absolue du monde, 02. the hurt, 03. we're not your friends, 04. dig that shizzel, 05. who needs borders, 06. unleashed surveillance, 07. something went wrong, 08. who knows better times, 09. good bye dying world

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