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CD "Sunrise [Argentina Release]"

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label: Twilight Records

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Janne, Rob and Max known each other since they were kids. Drawn to the same music, they decided to start a band in the 1990s. Janne had already been composing music since his high school years, so there was no lack of repertoire. Through out the 90s, a couple of demos were recorded, but the band never got to release anything. After a brief hiatus, the band got back together again in late 2003 to work on some new songs. Things have really kicked off since then, and since releasing their debut album, “Sunrise”, in 2004. Now Twilight Records is re print this long time sold out great album to reach all the listener who didnt listen it before. This band offers to us a well-crafted piece of synth-pop. They remind me of the sadness and reverie of the Swedish Northern Territories and to De/Vision in a less explicit way. ( SIDE LINE ) Sunrise is the saddest, melancholic and best amazing album of indie – synth pop.

01. It's Still Me, 02. Looking For You, 03. Dark Land, 04. Follow Me, 05. Forest, 06. Guns And Bells, 07. Cold, 08. Julia Set, 09. Wake Up, 10. You, 11. Garden Of Eden, 12. Sweet Little Sister, 13. It's Still Me (Windows Closed Mix), 14. Looking For You (Jazzclub Mix)

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