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Distant Project

CD "ExtraOrdinary"

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label: Twilight Records

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Distant project is an electronic pop band that emerged in 2002. This project´s particularity resides in the fact that its members live in two different countries, USA and Argentina. At this time, Distant Project is formed by: Fab Soutus, on synths, bass, programming and voice, Wal Yunker, synths, programming and drums and Nak Sorenson on guitars. Fab and Wal started working together, using the Internet for the exchange of projects and musical ideas since 2002. In August 2010, Nak Sorenson joined the band, and distant project released the album ‘Stars’ on Whitesunmusic (US) and Twilight, collecting the project’s best tracks from 2002-10. After a hard working 2011, Distant Project are now back with their fourth studio-album ‘ExtraOrdinary’. On this album the musicians involved went for a more balanced and more powerful sound, including guitars and real drums added to the usual quality synth pop sound, that the project was known for. ‘ExtraOrdinary’ turned out to be an excellent album throughout and it especially recommended for fans of bands such as MESH or DE/VISION!

01. big bang world, 02. love room, 03. life source reborn, 04. i know (almagest), 05. extraOrdinary journey, 06. father sun, mother moon, 07. suffocated, 08. dancing in the storm, 09. rain and fire, 10. ohmygod@creation.hvn, 11. why

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