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CD "Einstuerzende Neubauten - Iberoamerikanisches Tribut"

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label: Tacuara Records

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October 12 is no ordinary day, nor will it be this year. It was on October 12 that a great clash of civilizations occurred, the discovery of America. As in any confrontation the large flow of consequences was not foreseeable. Some seen as unfortunate, some seen as fruitful, an assimilation of European culture? All versions of History challenge convention and open our eyes to other possibilities for our futures. The great German band, Einsturzende Neubauten , have learned to challenge concepts and to unlearn the conventions of harmony and tonality in their works. Their Unconventional music has been chewed, swallowed, enjoyed and at times even rejected. Convention has imprisoned for years, and still does. It is Music that after so long, is the only bridge that unites us, without any distinctions, distances, dialects or languages. The universal language of this great system of the arts... In this tribute F3nix Lucia, from Chile, Elegia and FOLIE À DEUX from Brasil, Lastrax, Plan Quinquenal, J7, Heroina and Arte Disfuncional from Argentina. Oblique and Vondage from Spain, NIña Terrorista from Colombia, Porion from France, Die Perlen from Germany, and finally from UK ElectroXcentric (ex-Killing Ophelia).

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