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CD "Corrosive Audio"

Artikel-Nr.: 00175120
label: DWA / DWV (ex DeathWatch Asia)

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Designed and built in the clubs of Bogotá. Assembled with industrial precision in Germany. Tested to the highest quality control standards in Japan. The next-generation of Latin American dark electronics. The strongest stimulant from Colombia legally available for sale. 'Corrosive Audio'… Anticipation for the release of 'Corrosive Audio' has been running high among TERRORKODE fans since the first 2 fully-functional demos 'Whore' and 'Motherfuckers' were made available for play on January 1. TERRORKODE programmers Neural and Sacro threw out the established harsh-EBM blueprint commonly associated with acts from Latin America – opting instead for a sound more in keeping with the European darkrave/hardstyle scene. Now, after nearly nine months of exchanging and fine-tuning prototypes between Osaka and Bogotá, the final commercial build of 'Corrosive Audio' has rumbled off the production line in Dresden - after being mixed and mastered by Kolja Trelle of SOMAN. 12 levels of mechanised mayhem including revisions of the hits 'Motherfuckers' and 'Whore', 'Corrosive Audio' also features Javi Ssagittar from TERROLOKAUST as the voice of one of the level-bosses. 'Sew My Eyes' - released digitally as a stand-alone trailer for 'Corrosive Audio' on September 7 - swiftly joined 'Motherfuckers' as one of the most-streamed tracks in the history of DWA’s digital platform. For enhanced play, 4 key levels have been modified by leading third-party developers in Germany like SAM, PHOSGORE, NOISUF-X, and Canada-based sonic architect SEBASTIAN KOMOR – and been re-integrated as bonus features into the final production model. 'Corrosive Audio' comes in 4-panel gatefold digipak, with slick concept artwork from Vlad McNeally of Kallisti Design (SURGYN, NACHTMAHR, DETROIT DIESEL). The CD also includes 2 secret 'power-ups' that can only be accessed through physically playing the disc and following coded instructions in the packaging! Now loading 'Corrosive Audio'… The game begins…plug in and play

01. Pain, 02. Motherfuckers , 03. Forward And Rewind, 04. Exterminate, 05. Sew My Eyes (feat. Javi Ssagittar from TERROLOKAUST), 06. Whore, 07. Neural Weapon, 08. Machine, 09. Kubrick Was Here, 10. Synthetik Humans, 11. Replicant, 12. War, 13. Forward And Rewind (NOISUF-X Remix), 14. Pain (PHOSGORE Remix), 15. Whore (SAM’s Bukkake Remix), 16. Sew My Eyes (SEBASTIAN KOMOR’s Cabinet Bass Remix)

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