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CD "Basic Guerilla Moves"

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label: Sabotage-Concept Records

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The NUDE phenomenon began with their pre-album releases "RUFF, RUGGED & RAW" and a classic re-recording of Heaven 17’s 1982 UK hit "Let Me Go" receiving rave reviews. NUDE’s versatility and conscious attempts to avoid labeling and musical comparisons have produced their latest ground breaking album "BASIC GUERILLA MOVES" NUDE band members are comprised of an international line-up with an extraordinarily creative sound design within the electronic music scene, successfully incorporating the very best elements of Breakbeat, Drum & Bass, BigBeat and Electropunk. The results are addictive, adrenaline fuelled pumping beats, hooklines, raucous vocals, wild electronics and a liberal dose of manic Germanics. In the tradition of BASEMENT JAXX, CHEMICAL BROTHERS, NOISIA, UNDERWORLD, FAITHLESS and the PRODIGY, NUDE engulf their fans with "blow yer mind LIVE’’ gigs. Nude promise "BASIC GUERILLA MOVES" sounds and songs will prove they have little respect for conventional genre specific rules and restrictions. The "BASIC GUERILLA MOVES" album will be available as a digital release and include 14 songs + bonus tracks and secret studio snippets, the results of a 2 year ongoing tour of NUDE DJ GUERILLA and their experiences during their NUDE-LIVE sets. NUDE - the nucleus, NUDE - pure energy, NUDE- innovation, NUDE - the passion. Whether LIVE on stage or CD, NUDE are the missing link:– about to be released upon an unsuspecting, impotent Pop-World.

01 Intro [From "Basic Guerilla Moves"], 02 Headbite, 03 Let me go, 04 Upbeat Realizm, 05 Panic Attack, 06 Showtime, 07 Being Boiled, 08 Inside, 09 All we want is, 10 Souvenir, 11 A Little Excitement, 12 You had it coming, 13 Ruff, Rugged And Raw, 14 Here I come 15 Outro [From "Basic Guerilla Moves"]

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