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CD "A Deity In Pain Reborn"

Artikel-Nr.: 00175083
label: DWA / DWV (ex DeathWatch Asia)

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An amazing “lost classic” of the dark electro genre - given a massive makeover for 2012 in the way only DWA can do! Includes all-new remixes from NOISUF-X, SIN DNA, NITRO/NOISE, DYM and VPROJEKT! “A Deity In Pain” was the seminal debut album of Athens-based dark electro act CYGNOSIC, first released in 2010 on American label BLC…which promptly folded, leading CYGNOSIC to sign to DWA. Following the runaway success of the 2011 follow-up “Fallen” for DWA, frontman Georg Psaroudakis has re-recorded all the vocals, and the entire album has been mixed and mastered again from scratch by producer Dmitris N. Douvras (SIVA SIX). These all-new recordings were then handed on to NOISUF-X, DYM, SIN DNA, VPROJEKT and NITRO/NOISE to create a bonus section of remixes worthy of the original. And of course not content with revising simply the audio side of things, an alternate cover from the original drafts for the artwork was unearthed from Psaroudakis’ own archives - and new artwork for a 4-panel digipak was brought to life. This is no mere re-issue – this is “A Deity In Pain Reborn”, a pristine presentation for 2012. Re-recorded, re-mixed, re-mastered, alternate “lost” artwork plus a massive high-quality bonus section extending the original tracklist by 50%, “A Deity In Pain Reborn” has all the hallmarks of a classic DWA collector’s edition – and forms the definitive version of this classic and previously under-recognised dark electro debut album from CYGNOSIC. Initial quantities come in gatefold 4-panel digipak, strictly limited to 200 copies worldwide.

01. To Spread The Chaos, 02. Luna Obscura, 03. Zero Tolerance, 04. You Stink Of Fear, 05. Throw Away My Dust, 06. The Neva55 Siren, 07. In The Lag Of Time, 08. One O Two, 09. As Far As We Can Go, 10. Luna Obscura – Chaotic Mix, 11. To Spread The Chaos (DYM Remix), 12. Zero Tolerance (NOISUF-X Remix), 13. Throw Away My Dust (VPROJEKT Version), 14. In The Lag Of Time (SIN DNA Remix), 15. Luna Obscura (NITRO/NOISE Remix)

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