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CD "Körperkraftkontrolle"

Artikel-Nr.: 00175012
label: Electric Tremor

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Hello, Dear state, do you know me? I laugh at you and you don’t see! Life’s the same shit, every day, we only live it your damn way! This country, it’s just so fucked up, governed by fuckers, I could throw up! You just want to own us, that’s all I see! You’re no better than fascists, so listen: Eat me! A life in isolation? No! We already had that not long ago! Don’t want to kneel down in front of you! Fuck you and fuck your system too! Can’t you understand me? I only want my liberty! Always just the talking, we were better off now. Fuck off, you bloody motherfuckers! COUNT ME OUT! DO YOU HEAR ME? COUNT ME OUT! DON’T YOU GET THAT? SEQUENZ-E - KÖRPERKRAFTKONTROLLE – EBM!!!

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