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V.A. / Welle Erdball

CD "XV – 15 Jahre Welle:Erdball Hörerclub"

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label: Kompuphonik

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XV is the name of a double-cd-release from the welle:erdball-fanclub "Hörerclub" for their 15 years anniversary...and this double-cd hold the past and shows the future in 2 ways... "XV" includes 29 tracks, 26 of them first time and exclusive on this double-cd. cd1 includes 15 tracks from early Welle:Erdball (alias Feindsender) and side-projects (homo future / the girl and the robot / Funkhausgruppe) to new projects of ex-members to "friends+family" cd2 includes 14 tracks from (most) scandinavian friends, who support the project of this release. no idea without a background!...which means: this double-cd includes a free download-link with a lot of backgroundinformations and a lot more of download-tracks AND we do what we can, means: the profit of this 2cd goes to social networks we support since years (supporting the SOS-childhood-villages for example) "XV" is limited to 1000 copies worlwide.

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