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Cronos Titan

DCD "Total Titan!"

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CRONOS TITAN was created in 1995 by Per Aksel Lundgreen (from Apoptygma Berzerk, Chinese Detectives and Angst Pop) and Preben Bjønnes (from Defcon 4, Chinese Detectives and Posh) following Per Aksel’s decision to leave Apoptygma Berzerk in December 1994. Dark electronics and industrial sounds, mixed with samples and a harsh religious overtone gave Cronos Titan a cult following in the scene in Germany, Belgium and Sweden. Several live shows where performed, the most successful ones supporting Die Krupps at Rockefeller Music Hall, Frontline Assembly at Sentrum Scene, and as one of the Saturday night special acts on Whalestock. They released the highly successful album "Brides Of Christ" in 1995, followed by a more danceable EP, called "The Gregoraveian EP" in 1996. After this, everything stopped, as all their mutual efforts in Chinese Detectives took most of the members time. Nothing has been recorded or released since 1996, but the band never disbanded. Now after 15 years of silence CRONOS TITAN returns with the double CD „Total Titan!“, a great retrospective of their work!

CD 1: Brides of Christ, 01. The Creator, 02. Baby in Religious Trance, 03. Galeidos, 04. I am an Man of God, 05. The Art of Coincidence + CD 2: The Gregoraveain EP: 01. Razorbath, 02. Knights of God, 03. Time of my Life (You came to soon), 04. The Man from Jerusalem, Bonus: 05. Civil War at City Hall, 06. God Hates Murder, 07. No Propaganda, 08. Operation Rescue, 09. Resolution, 10. Thy Shall Not Steal, 11. Commandment 5

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