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Flint Glass

DCD "Nyarlathotep & From Beyond EP"

Artikel-Nr.: 00102960
label: FunkWelten

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Nyarlathotep comes up as a very special re-release editon. On "Nyarlathotep" Flint Glass wander through melodic, sad and obscure worlds without leaving the typical cold, dark and ambient sound that Flint Glass became famous for. Inspired by H. P. Lovecraft's novelles, the tracks on "Nyarlathotep" give room for epic battles between coldness and warmth. The lack of vocals on "Nyarlathotep" make this CD to a visionary piece of art which perfectly fits any horror movie portraying foggy woods, moon landscapes and horrid aberrations. Experience disturbing soundscapes, morbid visions and thrilling song structures. "Nyarlathotep" - this means dark sound worlds that reach artists like Ah Cama Sotz or Mlada Fronta. But it is also the warm and cosy side of "Nyarlathotep" that create an unique sound collage. The re-release edition is strictly limited to 500 copies and includes the brand new Bonus-EP "from Beyond"!

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