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Flint Glass & Polarlicht 4.1/Transistor

CD "Zorans Equation"

Artikel-Nr.: 00102890
label: FunkWelten

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These two well know projects in industrial oriented electronica scene, Flint Glass and Polarlicht 4.1-Transistor joint there efforts in this 10 tracks collaboration concept album inspired by the famous novel "La nuit des temps" of French author René Barjavel, reveals a balancing act between industrial-noise, experimental music and cinematic dark electronica evoking imaginary places and arctic icy atmospheres. "Zoran’s Equation" is based mostly on track-sources from Polarlich 4.1 ‘s hypnotizing arranged soundscapes supplemented by Flint Glass’s rhythms constructions, dark atmospheres and background noises, arising to a rarely listened combination. Two artistic minds fused into one, creating a movie with sonic turbulence and heavy surging movement heaves restlessly, reminiscent in places of the sound of one's own muffled breathing heard under ice - the sound of an uneasy sleeping landscape as dense waves of sound reverberate in rhythmic complexity. A concept album for anyone who has a liking for dark ambient music, experimental electronica, noisy sounds and especially for those listeners who appreciate both projects solo efforts.

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