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CD "Total Nihilism"

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Those who have followed the meteoric rise of DETROIT DIESEL, or read the credits of the seminal debut album “Terre Humaine”, might recall the name of former member Clutch – who parted company with the band shortly before the release of that first album. If you are one of those who wondered “So whatever happened to that guy?” then wonder no longer – wonder only at the sheer adrenaline rush unleashed on his new trio NITRONOISE’s own first album “Total Nihilism”. Hailing from Montreal - and about to make their live debut at no less an event than Kinetik 5 in their hometown - for “Total Nihilism” NITRONOISE takes the sound palette of “Terre Humaine” plus equal parts NACHTMAHR and COMBICHRIST and throws some guitars into the mix for good measure. With art by Vlad McNeally of Kallisti Design, and mastering by Jan L of NOISUF-X / X-FUSION, it would be fair to describe this release as “from the production team that brought you DWA’s best-selling album Terre Humaine” – an assured, polished debut that recalls those musical elements which made “Terre Humaine” great, while taking them in a different, more rock-industrial direction. This is one of the essential new albums and new faces we introduce this Spring! NITRONOISE will get under your skin – “Just let me in, sweet adrenaline”.

01. Killer Fuelled Machine, 02. Synchronised Beat Fuck, 03. Built For War, 04. Genesis, 05. X, 06. No-one Shall Return, 07. Armies In The Fire, 08. The Drill, 09. Menschmaschine, 10. Drowning, 11. Warcry / Bonus tracks: 12. Killer Fuelled Machine (XP8 Remix), 13. X (PHOSGORE Remix), 14. Killer Fuelled Machine (SIN DNA Remix)

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