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CD "Converting Infinity"

Artikel-Nr.: 00102160
label: NoiTekk

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Xentrifuge has built "Converting infinity" with high energy, raw emotion, and pure rage resulting in a innovative form of Dark Power EBM. Combining harsh synths, crushing noise, tormenting vocals with brutal beats all set in a cold dark atmosphere, "Converting infinty delivers to the dance floor and the moshpit alike. From the opening track "Dormant" the listener is given the sense that mankind is lost and fallen. This topic along with self annihilation, curse of religion and many other dark realities are echoed throughout the album till the final track "Immune". Xentrifuge's "Converting Infinity" is made of relentless Harsh Industrial built to please all fans of Hard edge electronic music. Xentrifuge continues to wage war against an already dying future.

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