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DCD "Homeland Insecurity [Japanese Edition]"

Artikel-Nr.: 00101953
label: DWA / DWV (ex DeathWatch Asia)

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They conquered Kinetik (again) and Resistanz – now, following the “Defense Condition 2” EP, its time for the DWA 2CD Japanese Limited Edition of the 3rd full-length album from New York’s finest harsh electro export…FGFC820. The long-awaited follow-up to the startling sophomore album “Law & Ordnance”, “Homeland Insecurity” has been several years in the making…but has finally been unleashed in a special 2CD box by NoiTekk in Europe, and now as a 2CD 6-panel digifile limited edition on DWA: complete with a completely different CD2 featuring 15 exclusive remixes! Mastered like FGFC820’s previous albums by Kolja Trelle of SOMAN, with artwork like for “Law & Ordnance” by Nathan Winter of Industriarts, “Homeland Insecurity” continues to lyrically question the present state of the union, with solid slabs of dance music punctuated by short instrumental “Resolutions” – themes that have now come to define what can be expected from the heavyweight dark electro duo’s albums. As might also be expected from a duo comprised of 2 DJs with lengthy residencies behind them, “Homeland Insecurity” is an album aimed squarely at the dancefloor, packed with explosive tracks. The cunningly titled "FGFC8x2" Japan-only CD2 of DWA’s Japanese 2CD Limited Edition contains 16 tracks – 2 remixes each of 8 different songs – 15 of which are exclusive to this edition (the 16th can also be found on the Kinetik 5 Festival sampler). Split into 2 8-song sections “Phase 1: Revolt”, “Phase 2: Resist”, we called a host of new and established DWA acts into action – such as STUDIO-X, DIE SEKTOR, DYM, TERROLOKAUST, XP8, VPROJEKT, SIN DNA, BE MY ENEMY, NITRO/NOISE, DAWN OF ASHES, FREAKANGEL, CYGNOSIC, TERRORKODE and REAXION GUERRILLA. Strictly limited to just 200 copies, we expect the 30-track Japanese 2CD Limited Edition of “Homeland Insecurity” to rapidly follow the DWA edition of “Law & Ordnance” into sold-out and deleted status!

Album CD: 01. Call to Glory, 02. Insurrection, 03. Legion, 04. Resolution 10, 05. Revolt Resist, 06. Lost, 07. Crush, 08. Resolution 11, 09. Love Until Death, 10. Relapse, 11. Resolution 12, 12. In Country, 13. Sound & Fury, 14. Doctrine / Bonus CD: PHASE 1 - REVOLT: 01. Call To Glory (DYM Remix), 02. Lost (CYGNOSIC Remix), 03. Doctrine (SIN DNA Remix), 04. Legion (STUDIO-X Remix), 05. Relapse (DIE SEKTOR Remix), 06. Crush (TERROLOKAUST Remix), 07. Revolt Resist (XP8 Remix), 08. Insurrection (TERRORKODE Remix) / PHASE 2 - RESIST: 09. Call To Glory (NITRO/NOISE Remix), 10. Lost (FREAKANGEL Remix), 11. Doctrine (PREEMPTIVE STRIKE 0.1 Remix), 12. Legion (DAWN OF ASHES Remix), 13. Relapse (BE MY ENEMY Remix), 14. Crush (VPROJEKT Remix), 15. Revolt Resist (RIOT LEGION Remix), 16. Insurrection (REAXION GUERRILLA Remix)

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