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CD "Dark Angel"

Artikel-Nr.: 00101600
label: Black Rain Rec.

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CD SUPER SALE! Lamia is a very original electro project from Argentina. The two of Lamia, a great pianist and a soprano present you an incredible sound experience in the vein of Die Form, Qntal and Feindflug. The symbiosis of intense and danceable bass lines and the soprano's voice create an astonishingly beautiful and harmonious but powerful piece of music.

01. Prelude in Ci.Bwv 846 (J.S. Bach), 02. Dark Angel, 03. You'll die, 04. Dunkel Leben, 05. Prelude N* 4 in Em (F. Chopin), 06. Agnus Dei, 07. Deep Hurt, 08. O Domine Jesu Christe, 09. Der Dämon, 10. Peccator, 11. Prelude N* 20 in C. (F. Chopin), 12. You'll die (Instrumental Mix), 13. Dark Angel (Psycho Mix)

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