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Dexy Corp

CD "Uchronopolis"

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CD SUPER SALE! The French Industrial rockers DEXY CORP_ suprise with their new album "Uchronopolis", a straight diesel punk concept album. Taking its roots from books and movies such as 1984, V for Vendetta, Dark City or Brazil, UCHRONOPOLIS takes us through the streets of a mystical city where different factions are struggling for control while a strange humanoid creature is at war to find the secret of its humanity. Puppeteering its characters in the city just as in Voltaire's Candide, DEXY CORP_ are attacking the codes and thoughts processes from totalitarian societies in order to question the place of the individual in our post modern global society. Through out an original story, the band keeps on hammering its very own blend of cyberpunk metal but now combines this sound with diesel punk ambiant works! Darker than the previous one, this album will take you into a role playing game and push you to take a major decision just as Key will have to do: support the Nova Corp, the powerful entity from Uchronopolis driven by Ysokras Salocin or join Tyler in the clandestine resistance with the Black Flash and Nero, their mysterious leader! DEXY CORP_ already warned us once about our future, this is now time for you to choose a side!

01. Welcome To Uchronopolis, 02. Black Flash, 03. Tainted Cortex, 04. Revenge, 05. Totalitarize Me, 06. The Great Parade For Monkeys, 07. Birth, 08. Ex-Utero, 09. Exodus, 10. Exile, 11. Day Of The Hatred, 12. Lockdown, 13. No Tears, 14. Nero´s Dream, 15. Hyber-Nation, 16. Uchronopolis

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