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Digital Factor

CD "Trialog"

Artikel-Nr.: 00100630
label: Black Rain Rec.

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"Trialog" easily covers the entire range and history of Electro from it’s origins till today and simultanuously creates a solid piece of art. Floorfillers smash martially from the speakers and spot out for names like NITZER EBB or SKINNY PUPPY. Atmospheric interludes create reminiscence to Industrial/Ambient godfathers like SPK or LUSTMORD. And over again, relaxed and enchanting rhythms á la CABARET VOLTAIRE can be tasted. Lyrically, "Trialog" reflects about individual’s attempts to change their surroundings, and their failure and absurd measures. But rest means death, change is always a challenge.Digital Factor is intelligent, harsh, subversive and innovative Electro/EBM with a blend of Post-Industrial influences. More than a coincidence, Digital Factor will support FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY on Tour and prove, how to rock the crowds with electronic music.

01. Prelude, 02. Links rechts links, 03. I have to hit you, 04. Interlude no. 57, 05. You're going down, 06. This is the deal, 07. The neighbour, 08. Interlude no. 58, 09. Steam, 10. Depression, 11. A force of unknown people, 12. Interlude no. 60, 13. Come push me down, 14. The knife, 15. The way you lie

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