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CD "War of Ideas"

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label: Black Rain Rec.

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the second fulltime album by this band from Chile, pure Industrial Rock, first edition with a limited bonus remix CD

Album-CD: 01. Fair Fight, 02. In The Name Of God, 03. Fire, 04. Forever, 05. Get In The Ring, 06. Victims, 07. Black Day, 08. Hardcore, 09. Time To Kill, 10. Justice, 11. El Derecho De Vivir En Paz (cover) + Videoclip 'Fire', lim. Bonus-CD: 01. Fair Fight (UBM Remix), 02. Fair Fight (Dreamside Remix), 03. Fair Fight (Lamia Remix), 04. Forever (Lucia Ponticas Remix), 05. Fair Fight (Reel Remix), 06. Fair Fight (Sophya Remix), 07. Fair Fight (Amateur God Remix), 08. Fair Fight (Container 90 old school mix), 09. Fair Fight (Forgotten Sunrise Remix), 10. Fair Fight (Deadcell Remix), 11. The Other Side (Alien Produkt Remix), 12. Fire (Neikka RPM Remix)

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