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DCD "Pagan Love Songs Vol.3 [limited]"

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label: Alice In

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Strictly limited edition of 1.000 copies worldwide. This third PAGAN LOVE SONGS Antitainment Compilation double CD is the end of one of the most influential and relevant compilation series ever, only comparable with perhaps Mick Mercer’s "Gothic Rock" series – albeit much more diverse, from a conceptual perspective. It offers a highly sophisticated overview of the current state of affairs in the Post Punk / Goth / Synth Wave alternative underground scene – and it’s a pure delight, musically and visually, of course once again compiled by the internationally well-known and infamous DJ brothers Ralf and Thomas Thyssen. As we’ve learnt to expect, PLS Vol. 3 again presents many exclusive, or rare, or even first time on CD songs by a range of bands that read like a festival’s dream line-up. Germany’s cult heroes THE FAIR SEX give us an exclusive and updated version of their classic anthem “Helpless Fall”, ROSETTA STONE’s “Reason” and MISERYLAB’s “People” are the two contributions by Porl King from then and now. Similarly, Justin Stephens bridges the past with the now defunct PASSION PLAY’s massive hit “Running on Empty” in an exclusive version for this compilation and with the debut appearance of his new project WIRES & LIGHTS. FRANK THE BAPTIST exclusively announce their upcoming new album with its opener “Ashes Ashes” in a special version and with “Ritüel” by Turkish shooting stars SHE PAST AWAY you’ll find one of the most successful dark dancefloor stompers of recent times included in this compilation. However, while the bands of old have their undisputed classic status such as THE CHAMELEONS (“Intrigue In Tangiers”), RED TEMPLE SPIRITS (“Soft Machine”), or JUDITH (“Of A Heaven (What Remains)”), it’s the tasteful inclusion of fantastic contemporary acts that makes this compilation so immensely relevant. Australia’s most amazing new export ASCETIC: with their dark and forceful “I burn”; ULTERIOR with their hypnotic and exciting cover version of Bruce Springsteen’s “State Trooper”; TERMINAL GODS with their debut single “Electric Eyes”; and the wide range of modern synth wave bands such as TEMPERS with their dark and captivating instant evergreen “Strange Harvest”, melancholic and passionate THE PRESENT MOMENT with their relentless and at the same time tremendously melodic stomper “General Relief”, and many, many more.

CD1: 01. Passion Play – Running On Empty (2014), 02. Rosetta Stone – Reason, 03. The Fair Sex – Helpless Fall (Endless Fall), 04. She Past Away – Ritüel, 05. Ash Code – Dry Your Eyes (PLS Edit), 06. Linea Aspera – Malarone, 07. Phosphor – Rotary, 08. The Devil & The Universe – It Is Our Will (PLS Mix), 09. Three Winters – Atrocities, 10. Dream Affair – The Porter, 11. Skeleton Hands – Ravage (Video Edit), 12. Psyche – Misery (Truth Of The Story), 13. Element – Skeletons (A Wonderful Nite For An Evening Mix), 14. Frank The Baptist – Ashes Ashes (Let The Dancing Begin), 15. Terminal Gods – Electric Eyes (7”), 16. Schonwald – Blacklight, 17. Tempers – Strange Harvest, 18. Azar Swan – Over, 19. Nejet Nok – After Stars Fall, 20. Schleimer K – Hope Deep Inside, CD2: 01. The Chameleons – Intrigue In Tangiers, 02. The Convent – Take It On A Chin, 03. Red Temple Spirits – Soft Machine, 04. Mirror Walker – Seven Postcards (7” Edit), 05. The Blue Angel Lounge – Caught Crow, 06. ASCETIC: – I Burn, 07. Ulterior – State Trooper, 08. Muffdiver – Feuer, 09. Spectres – Remote Viewing, 10. The Merry Thoughts – House Of Rain (Trick Or Treat 1980), 11. Horror Vacui – In Darkness You Will Feel Alright, 12. Christ vs. Warhol – A Drop In The Ocean (Heathen Heart), 13. Judith – Of A Heaven, 14. Catastrophe Ballet – The Garden Of Decay, 15. Night Sins – To London Or The Lake, 16. Walls Have Ears – Flux Garden, 17. No More – Do You Dream Of Angels In This Big City?, 18. The Present Moment – General Relief, 19. Miserylab – People, 20. Wires & Lights – Swimming (PLS Demo)

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