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CD "Japanese Electro Punk Brutality"

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label: Metropolis

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cEvin Key presents: 25 tracks, 75 Minutes of the best in Japanese Electro Punk! This album has been carefully assembled by cEvin Key of SKINNY PUPPY/DOWNLOAD, who says: “These are some of the hardest bands I’ve ever witnessed in my 15 shows and 10 trips to JAPAN over the past 6 years. Playing with these guys was a challenge, as they made the word “new Punk”, very relevant to me. Something is missing in the worlds view of Punk. Not with these guys. They live the way I remember punk being. Street level, honest, simple and aggressive. The album is set up like a mini gig. 3 bands and one loud PA. play it loud!”

444Capsule (from Osaka) with 5 tracks: 01. Shut A Mouth, 02. Kill By Silence, 03. Falling, 04. Control, 05 Residual Ash, Kokushibyou Guillotine (from Naha/Okinawa) with 7 tracks: 06. Continent Of The Curse, 07. The Possession, 08. The Cannibals Are Full Stomach, 09. My sweet Baby, 10. Tsuboyanuma Hunchback, 11. Maboroshi (Gravepost disappeared), 12. Cruel News From Naha-city, Utero ZZZAAA (from Osaka) with 13 tracks: 13. CyberPunk Death Machine Osaka, 14. Blood Of Yamato, 15. Digital Hard Enka (mf Japamerica MX), 16. Don't Call Me Punk, 17. What Do U Protect In Ur Life?, 18. Hero Of Hell, 19. Last Word Of Samurai, 20. OWO, 21. Genelation UTR, 22. Prelude, 23. Super Egoist, 24. Election Buster, 25. All Japan Kamikaze Guerilla Gang (UTR2)

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