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Suicide Commando

MCD "Unterwelt [Limited Edition]"

Artikel-Nr.: 04072580
label: Out Of Line

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“Ich will dich bluten sehen!” (=”I want to see you bleed!”) When a track that shouts out such a provocative phrase like a battle cry, pretty much any intelligent life form should be aware that this is not gonna be a trip to the countryside. And with the first heavy beats, massive bass-onslaughts and evil shouts you do know that you are not in Kansas anymore but have entered Johan van Roy’s personal “Unterwelt” … an extremely dancefloor-compatible ride from Suicide Commando, that is. In the underground clubs around the globe, the raw Harsh-Electro-anthem from the charts-approved album “When Evil Speaks” has already become part of the mandatory rotation, making the song a sure shot for a single. With a whopping seven remixes of the title track (by Reaper, Binary Park, Acylum, Wynardtage and more), a thudding rework of “Monster” and the exclusive song “Body Machine Body”, this MCD almost runs at album length and is a merciless club-onslaught, limited to 999 copies world wide.

01. Unterwelt (Single Edit), 02. Unterwelt (Binary Park Remix), 03. Unterwelt (Apocalypse), 04. Unterwelt (Reaper Remix), 05. Monster (Fragile Child Remix), 06. Body Machine Body (Demo Version), 07. Unterwelt (Nitronoise Remix), 08. Unterwelt (Acylum Remix), 09. Unterwelt (Wynardtage Remix)

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