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DCD "Dunkelziffer [limited]"

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Limited edition double-CD in deluxe Digipak and including the ‘Hellfeld’ 10-tracks Bonus-CD with ALL EXCLUSIVE tracks and Remixes! "Dunkelziffer" is one of the scenes most influential electro band's sixth studio album. Gigs, festivals and tours carried the name [:SITD:] around the world. Their club hits such as ‘Snuff Machinery’, ‘Laughingstock’, ‘Richtfest I & II’, ‘Kreuzgang’ and ‘Rot’ are milestones and timeless classics on international dance floors. In [:SITD:]'s cosmos various electronic styles melt into a sinister fascinating opus with an unmistakable signature. Their equally sweeping and hymnlike melodies, supported by hammering beats and driving grooves, have become a unique trademark. The three protagonists Carsten Jacek, Tom Lesczenski, and Francesco D'Angelo reinvent themselves time and again without denying their musical roots. With ‘Dunkelziffer’ the trio presents itself at the peak of their creative endeavors. Gloomily, powerfully, and morbidly the new songs amount to a menacing thunderstorm, while the lyrics keep digging heavily and deeply in the furtive, ruthlessly revealing the abyss of the human psyche. Furthermore, the Ruhr Area band filmed a video for the title song with director Boris May (KLANGSTABIL). It will be available on all established portals/sites on the release date.

CD1: 01. [Adora Quod Incendisti], 02. [Dunkelziffer] Album Version, 03. [Purgatorium], 04. [Autoaggression], 05. [Everlasting], 06. [Revolution], 07. [Santa Muerte], 08. [Journey’s End], 09. [Memorandum], 10. [Vendetta], 11. [Incende Quod Adorasti], Bonus-CD ‘Hellfeld’: 01. [Dunkelziffer] Single Version, 02. [Mind Control] Exclusive Track, 03. [On The Run] Exclusive Track, 04. [Dunkelziffer] BHAMBHAMHARA Remix, 05. [Dunkelziffer] KANT KINO Alternate Remix, 06. [Dunkelziffer] NOYCE™ Remix, 07. [Dunkelziffer] CENTHRON Remix, 08. [Dunkelziffer] BEBORN BETON Remix, 09. [Dunkelziffer] A SPELL INSIDE Remix, 10. [Dunkelziffer] TACTICAL SEKT Remix

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