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CD "Tremors"

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Marc Fischer founded Siamgda in spring 2001 at the foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal. At that time, Marc had already been engaged in his project Störfrequenz, combining western classical music with industrial and noise, but had increasingly become dissatisfied with creating rhythms by electronic means only. In Nepal, he came to hear about a music university in an ancient newar settlement of the Kathmandu valley where he first heard the amazing sound of the indian tabla drums. After several years of dedicated training in indian classical music with different teachers he created first tracks as Siamgda, with the tabla as a rhythmic indicator. ‘Tremors' is an amalgamation of eastern and western musical ingredients, presented in this outstanding artist's very own experimental and unique style. A hypnotic blend of tribal drumming, ethnic sounds, indian classical elements and electronic noises combined into an aural oneness without borders. Ambient soundscapes and processed voices are carried by precisely set rhythmic loops keeping the listener's mind and body in a state of intense trance. 'Tremors' represents a one-of-a-kind work of art where references to like-minded artists as MUSLIMGAZUE and ESPLENDOR GEMOETRICO might be entirely appropriate.

01. Beware Of Death, 02. Oracle, 03. Yes For Life, 04. Burning Sarees, 05. Thunk!, 06. Raining Stones, 07. Prayer, 08. Waves Of Destruction, 09. To Surya And Chandrama, 10. Tremors, 11. Shaky Motion, 12. Disorder, 13. Legend

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