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O. Children

CD "O. Children"

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label: Deadly

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Some bands take you by surprise. Imagine turning up to a gig to find a 20-year-old, black guy in a tiny leather jacket and hood singing beautifully and intensely in perfect baritone, his arms outstretched and a talented impassive posse standing right beside him. That’s just what Deadly saw back in February 2009. They signed O. Children five minutes after that gig. To make a brilliant album is not too much to ask for. Especially a debut that has been brewing in lead singer & main songwriter Tobi O’Kandi’s head since birth. After being blown away by the demos, Deadly sent the band off to the Kent countryside to record with Barny Barnicott. Music started making its way back and the first time Deadly heard it they were nervous. They even had a few drinks to prepare themselves… What they heard was undeniably something extraordinary, thunderous, epic and heartfelt. It has strange hooks, swirling minimalist guitars and 80s drums (“can you make it sound more like a drum machine” – Andi, drummer). a

01. Malo, 02. Dead Disco Dancer, 03. Heels, 04. Fault Line, 05. Smile, 06. Ezekiel's Son, 07. Ruins, 08. Radio Waves, 09. Pray the Soul away, 10. Don't dig

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