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DCD "No Cure For Apocalypse"

Artikel-Nr.: 02977020
label: DWA / DWV (ex DeathWatch Asia)

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Second album from the Canadian electro-industrial trio, initial quantities in 6-panel digifile with booklet and 2CD full of exclusive remixes from MODULATE, FGFC820, ROTERSAND, C-LEKKTOR, GRENDEL and many more! There is no cure for Apocalypse, no reason for redemption – the end is incoming and we should embrace it as a consummation devoutly to be wished. Coming from the band that brought us “Total Nihilism” in 2012, the philosophical conceit behind NITRO/NOISE’s stunning second album “No Cure For Apocalypse” should hardly come as a surprise. Neither really should the sheer power and quality of the tracks on offer. Mixed and mastered in its entirety by Jan L at his X-Fusion Music Production studios in Germany, “No Cure for Apocalypse” is an album that not only lives up to the promise of “Total Nihilism” but goes greatly beyond it. No nonsense, no mercy, “No Cure For Apocalypse” is simply 10 relentless anthems for the end of days – as uncompromising and unstoppable as the Armageddon it suggests we all deserve – topped off with a collaboration with long-time champion of NITRO/NOISE Thomas Rainer/NACHTMAHR, and an atmospheric coda. The first 300 copies of “No Cure For Apocalypse” come in luxurious 6-panel digifile format, with bold monochromatic cover-art hand-drawn by Estonian artist Midiankai (designer of FREAKANGEL’s recent t-shirts) reminiscent of the classic KMFDM pop-art covers by Brute!/Aidan Hughes. A flap on the inside left-panel houses “The Book Of Revelation(s)” - a 6-page booklet containing lyrics and photos. This limited edition of 300 copies also comes complete with the bonus CD “10 Ways To Doomsday” – wherein the main body of the album itself is systematically taken apart and transformed track-by-track by what amounts to a roll-call of some of the finest established and emerging acts in the electro-industrial field. Exciting newcomers like THE.INVALID, SIRUS and RAVE THE REQVIEM rub shoulders with ROTERSAND, GRENDEL, C-LEKKTOR, FGFC820, MODULATE, BLAKOPZ and DIE SEKTOR to create a song-by-song mirror-image of the original album tracklist, presented in the exact same order. Mastered like the album itself by Jan L, “10 Ways To Doomsday” is available on CD only as part of this strictly limited edition, and needless-to-say will never be re-pressed. “No Cure For Apocalypse” is unleashed in Europe on April 19th – the date NITRO/NOISE make their UK live debut at the DWA-sponsored Resistanz Festival and begin their first European tour.

CD1: 01. The Revelation, 02. Want Some, 03. If We Stop Breeding, 04. God Game, 05. Censorshit, 06. All Shall Perish, 07. Don’t Be Afraid, 08. Spit It Black, 09. Unchained, 10. Wake Up Call, 11. We Demand Better (feat. NACHTMAHR), 12. Don’t Be Afraid (Piano Rework), CD2: 01. The Revelation (FGFC820 Remix), 02. Want Some (MODULATE Remix), 03. If We Stop Breeding (C-LEKKTOR Remix), 04. God Game (DIE SEKTOR Remix), 05. Censorshit (ROTERSAND Rework), 06. All Shall Perish (BLAKOPZ Remix), 07. Don’t Be Afraid (GRENDEL Remix), 08. Spit It Black (THE .INVALID Remix), 09. Unchained (Sidechained by SIRUS), 10. Wake Up Call (RAVE THE REQVIEM Remix)

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