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Necro Facility

LP "The Black Paintings [limited]"

Artikel-Nr.: 02927820
label: Progress Productions

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Necro Facility is for sure one of the leading acts in the industrial scene today. Over the years they have build a huge amount of followers and is one of the most respected acts in the scene. And with their last album “Wintermute” they earned themselves a name at the absolute top! ‘The Black Paintings’ is their debut (deleted for over 5 years!), originally released in 2005. A milestone with clubsmahers like "Intense", "Downstairs", "Methane View" and "Ifrit". A scene classic and expensive CD to come across nowdays in the second hand market. With Progress Productions celebrating 10 years this year we have decided to release a limited edition vinyl re-release of this masterpiece. Worldwide limited to only strictly 500 copies. Finally available again!!!!

A1 - Intense, A2 - Downstairs, A3 - Freeze, A4 - Methane View, A5 - Ifrit, B1 - Nursed, B2 - Quiet Calls, B3 - Serge Suite, B4 - Dead Ice, B5 - Painted Sky, B6 - Spawn

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